Do you know where your will is stored?

Has the firm who drafted your will now ceased to exist?

Do you need to update your will?

Do you need a will? 

All of the questions raised here are common problems we as will writing specialists come across on a daily basis. Unfortunately because of the crash in the economy over the years we have seen law firms close in many of the towns we have offices in. We have taken over their will banks and therefore could be storing your will so please contact us and we will check our database for you.

If your will is lost would you be happy with your estate being distributed by how the rules of intestacy dictate it should be?

Do you need to update your will to include a guardian for your children or to include grandchildren that were not here when you made your original will?
We are offering a free will review to check that your current will still meets your needs. For all new wills drafted a 10% discount will be offered to you by simply quoting ‘Missing Wills’ when you make your appointment.