Change your Will

We recommend reviewing and possibly changing your will at least every 4 years and preferably every 2, but
certainly on the occurence of life-changing events (birth, death, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc.

The reason for this is because it is very important indeed to keep your will up-to-date and current.

During the passage of time many things can change for example  –

  •  people that you had intended to be your executors may have passed away
  •  you may have moved house
  •  your assets may have changed
  •  people may have been born that you had not included in your will previously
  • people may have died who had previously been included in your will
  • you may have married or been divorced
  • your interests may have changed and therefore your intentions may have changed

As well as the circumstances described above it is also possible that during the gap between making and reviewing a will, the law may have changed particularly in connection with for example tax planning or the amount that you are allowed before you pay inheritance tax.

It is very cost-effective for us to check your will and review your needs .  by doing this you will have peace of mind and make sure that this very important document stays valid , legal and above all up-to-date .

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