Check your Will

This is written upon the assumption that you already have a will.

It may have been prepared for you by another solicitor.

It may have been prepared by a will writer.

It may have been prepared by yourself using for example an off-the-shelf will making kit .

Irrespective of who prepared your willwe are very happy to check your will for free in order to make sure that it is both compliant with the complex antiquitated legislation surrounding Wills (dating back to 1837!) and suitable for your needs (financial, emotional or practical) . All you need to do is complete a short questionnaire and supply a copy of your will and we will respond to you within 14 days as to whether there is any need for changes or alterations.

It is unfortunately the case that we find very often that Wills prepared by other people are not prepared properly with the result that when the unfortunate person dies their will does not achieve what they had intended, or it does exactly as was the intention but due to inclusion of administrative clauses not fully understood by the will drafter, causes tax implications which can be extreme.

They often create ambiguity which means that it can be expensive and difficult to resolve in the future, if capable of being resolved at all .

It is very often then the case that this causes enormous fallout between family members and potential beneficiaries with catastrophic results . In these circumstances it is common for litigation to ensue which is costly and destroys family relationships .

Drafting a will is a complex business; it should only be entrusted to true specialists . We are WIQS (the independent law society specialist scheme for Wills inheritance quality standard ) accredited and that means that we are independently accredited by the law society as being experts in the preparation of Wills and the administration of estates on death (whether an individual dies with or without a will).

Without this accreditation it is difficult to know as to whether your previous adviser knew what they were doing or not . We therefore would encourage you to have our specialist practitioners check your will and advise you accordingly. Please rest assured that we will not recommend alteration of a will unless absolutely necessary.

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