Court of Protection

The Court of protection is necessary when somebody loses their capacity and is unable to act upon their own behalf. It is needed when somebody does not have a power of attorney that can take effect.

The Court of protection is there to protect the incapacitated party. They are asked to and direct that a deputy be appointed upon behalf of the incapacitated person. That deputy has to look after the incapacitated person’s affairs and reports to the Court of protection as appropriate.

We are very experienced in appointing deputies upon behalf of incapacitated persons through the Court of protection.

We also act as deputies ourselves upon behalf of persons who are incapacitated and who have nobody else that can look after their affairs. The incapacitated person is protected both because the Court of protection itself acts as a protection/Guardian but also because we, as solicitors, are officers of the court and are bound by a professional code that ensures that we act upon our clients best interests are all times.

If you are in need of advice in relation to the Court of protection, need to appoint a deputy, or consider that Brearleys should be appointed as a deputy upon behalf of an incapacitated person then please contact our offices and we will endeavour to help.

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